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Louisiana Cookbooks

Louisiana Cookbooks

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Louisiana Back Road Restaurant Recipes: Join author Anita Musgrove as she hits the road again in search of the country’s best mom-and-pop restaurants in Louisiana Back Road Restaurant Recipes.

Louisiana Hometown Cookbook: If you love to cook, whether you’re born with the talent or you’ve learned it over the years, you should be equipped with the right knowledge and tools that will help you cook various cuisines. If it’s Louisiana cuisine you’re after, then you need to cook the hometown favorites. You can invest in the Louisiana Hometown Cookbook to cook all Louisiana’s favorite recipes.

Little Gulf Coast Seafood Cookbook: Little Gulf Coast Seafood Cookbook is jam-packed tighter than a tin of sardines with mouth-watering seafood recipes that will become favorites at your family functions for years to come. From eye-catching appetizers to savory entrees, right down to a selection of beautiful desserts, you’ll have a hard time choosing just where to start.


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